Gather with your neighbors to celebrate the small business artisans of Crown Hill.


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    This Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model is unique.

    While most farms divvy up the goods they grow into boxes for subscribers, we offer our CSA members the opportunity to pick and choose from the available harvest each week.

    Freedom of choice instead of a weekly box!

    More info:https://citygrownseattle.com/csa/

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  1. Arboreal Jewelry

    Laser cut jewelry, accessories, and housewares handmade in Seattle.

  2. Whisk and Bake

    A Crown Hill Baker who enjoys baking cakes, cookies and just about any other baked good. I would love to bake your wedding cake, cupcakes… continue reading Whisk and Bake

  3. Karisa Marley

    Karisa Marley is a native of the Pacific Northwest. She is currently focusing on abstract paintings and fiber art pieces related to themes inspired by… continue reading Karisa Marley

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