Hori Hori Flowers

Hori Hori Flowers

Hori Hori Flowers is an urban cutting garden in Southwest Seattle growing fragrant flowers, lush foliage, and textural elements that reflect our abundant PNW seasons

Agnes P. Cwalina
e-mail: horihoriflowers@gmail.com
website: horihoriflowers.com
IG: instagram.com/horihoriflowers
FB: facebook.com/HoriHoriFlowers

Owner Agnes P. Cwalina hand selects each seed and bulb planted in her 1/8 acre garden. As soon as flowering branches and narcissus begin blooming, buckets of flowers make their way to local design studios and makers markets. Tulips, dahlias, and mums are the main crops at Hori Hori Flowers while lesser known seedpods, foliages, and vines add whimsy and intrigue. The design studio offers garden inspired creations that celebrate the botanical diversity of our region. Through hands on workshops and u-pick flower sessions Agnes shares the beauty of her garden.

Originally from New York City Agnes was mesmerized by the lush greenery and maritime climate of the Pacific Northwest and quickly plunged into vegetable gardening. Over the years she’s worked on city garden projects, farms, and her own balcony gardens. Moving from apartment to apartment her seed stash followed and seedlings were always growing in any available nook. Once convinced of rooting down in the PNW the search for her own garden began, first by growing in neighbors’ front yards and currently in her White Center garden.

Cultivating not only flowers, Agnes takes soil health into heavy consideration, no chemicals are used on the property ensuring visiting fauna and humans aren’t negatively affected. Reusing natural resources, water conservation, and composting are everyday practices. In addition Agnes spends her time advocating for the regional floral industry, maintaining gardens around the city, and sharing the abundance from her small plot of land.

If you are a designer, gardener, or just want to geek out about local flowers, get in touch!